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‘Pantocrator’ by professor and students of BlankPaper Escuela course ‘Art and Creativity’

This is not a photodummy,  just a collective fanzine made with my classmates, anyway the same kind of celebration. Here you have it:

Iván del Rey de la Torre (prof.), César Salamanca, Benjamín Tomás, Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa, Paulo Cuéllar, Miren Pastor, Patricia Bordonaba, Matteo Pesucci, Michele Tagliaferri
BlankPaper Escuela course ‘Art and Creativity’ 2012-2013

20 pages+covers, 16 images, 15×21 cm.
edition: students and professor
graphic design: Paulo Cuéllar and students
layout: Benjamín Tomás
texts: Iván del Rey de la Torre
publisher: self-published by students of BlankPaper course ‘Arte y Creatividad’ 2012-2013

finishing date: january 2013
place of publishing: Madrid, Spain
digital printing: La Jirafa
paper: Gvarro Basik 140 gr.
cover paper: Gvarro Ingres 180 gr.
binding: folded, stapled
number of copies: first edition, 20 copies
language: spanish, transenglish

We made 20 copies and they were sold quickly so we are thinking in making a second edition of 20 more copies with a proper english translation, so comments will be welcome.